Saturday, 26 March 2016

Lie Row Fly Chips Sweet by Kirsten

I was swimming for an hour non-stop so I decided to have a lie down on my sunbed. Ah! So relaxing! The view from where I was laid is amazing. People having a row and people making sticky sweets. The squawking seagulls getting ready to fly. I am now ready to have a snack. Chips or a chicken burger? I’ll go with the chips option “Waiter! Waiter! Can I have some chips please?”
“Yes certainly madam! I’ll get them straight away!” With that he was gone!
After a few minutes he came back! They were delicious! Lovely and fluffy!


  1. Kirsten the setting of your story sounds so lovely and what great descriptive writing; "squawking" seagulls, not just seagulls - great work! Adding some detail like that with an extra word makes your story very fun to read. And the chips sound delicious too!

  2. I like your idea for the entire writing piece. I like how you used some nice descriptive words but maybe next time when you write a piece keep it in either present or past tense.