Saturday, 3 March 2018

Ladder Goldfish Flew Brown Slowly by Ella

It was Wednesday. Slowly, the week seemed to pass by. "There is nothing to do!" I sighed as I turned to look out of the window. There was a small brown bird, it flew on to the rooftop. I decided it might be fun to follow it. As quick as I could, I got my coat and snow boots on and scrambled to the door. The bird landed on a frozen pond. In it was a goldfish, its metallic scales shimmered in the light. I followed it again, it stopped at the garden ladder that was covered in snow.


  1. Some lovely word choices! Well done. I enjoyed that.
    Mr. M. (Team 100WC)
    (Snowy) Bedfordshire, UK.

  2. Hello Ella
    I really liked your story��

  3. McBreezy Los Angeles #team10011 March 2018 at 20:04

    Awesome story Ella! I want to follow the metallic goldfish too! I miss snowy days as well. We don't have seasons in Los Angeles (or it feels that way). Keep Writing!