Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Fish Olympics by Ben

Today was the day of the fish Olympics. Our Olympians are Malcolm and Jeff, they are goldfish and they've signed up for diving. 

Malcolm climbed the ladder and slowly posed for his dive. 'Boing,' he jumped and he flew landing in the pool. Everyone clapped, the judges voted, a man wearing a brown suit finished with a ten. That was Malcolm's go, now it is Jeff's turn. When he landed he also got a clap and like magic he got the same as Malcolm and they won just by a few points ahead of Spain, and the next event is ...

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Blog Post this week and I’m very impressed that you took the time to complete, when the rest of us were covered in snow! I can’t wait to share this piece of writing with my pupils. We are only starting our blogging journey so it’s a fabulous help, just getting to see the talent of other children, just like you. Keep up the magnificent work!
    Mrs D (Dernaflaw – (N) Ireland)