Saturday, 6 October 2018

Statues by George

The three disguised criminals set off on their mission. One was dressed as a ram, one a horse and another a terrifying bull. They ventured along the bucolic field whilst holding their weapons. At twelve o’clock a multitude of policemen approached them. Fleeing the scene, the men became aware that they were surrounded by police. “Uh oh!” one spoke in a deep tone, trembling nervously. Halting suddenly, they all teleported underground before taking off their heavy suits and digging a huge tunnel. They dug for ages until they reached the sea. “Freedom!” they all shouted enthusiastically. “No more Police, Yay!”


  1. Well done George, you've written a great piece this week. I really enjoyed your story. You've used some great vocabulary and your story is fast paced. I really liked the exciting ending too. Very well done!
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

  2. Wow George! What an amazing story.
    You have used such fantastic vocabulary. I had such clear images in my head as I was reading due to your brilliant description. Well done.