Saturday, 21 March 2015

Harvey …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

The Accident
As I went downstairs to watch television, I heard a massive rumbling noise outside and wondered what it was. I could hear; sirens, people shouting, and traffic. So I got my coat and shoes on and went to investigate to see what was going on, then I heard some people say that as they turned the corner the road collapsed and there was nothing the driver could have done and drove into the hole. The emergency services saved the people and took them to hospital. The next day the workmen started sorting out the road, so it could reopen.

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  1. Mrs Green 100WC23 March 2015 at 21:11

    Hello Harvey. You have used some interesting vocabulary for your 100WC. "Investigate' and 'rumbling' are two good words. The first half of your story grabbed my attention much better than the end. The last sentence was rather vague 'sorting out the road' especially compared to your first sentence. I really want to know WHAT caused the hole!!
    Well done.