Saturday, 21 March 2015

Morgan …as they turned the corner… 100WC#26

I was sitting in my car for a while then I saw a big, shiny sports car in the colour blue. It was going so fast as they turned the corner they hit another car, I ran out my car to see if anyone was hurt, gladly, everyone was safe (except the car.) I wondered what was going to happen to the people who drove the sports car and the car that was damaged in the accident. I went back home to have my dinner then all of a sudden, my car got hit by the same car that I saw earlier!

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  1. Hi Morgan
    This is a very exciting and fast paced 100 word challenge and you have used the prompt very creatively. Your description of the arrival of the big shiny blue sports car and the crash gave me a great picture in my mind and I was almost relieved to read that nobody was injured. You created a bit of a mystery when you wondered what would happen to the driver of the sports car and then what a cliffhanger you left us with! I'd love to know what happened next and hopefully you weren't injured. Well done - excellent writing
    Ms O'Keeffe (team 100wc)