Sunday, 8 March 2015

… then when I looked out of the plane window… by Eleanor

I was so excited as I was flying to Spain on holiday. Then when I looked out of the plane window I saw a monster sat on the wing of the plane. I was so shocked I sat wondering why it was on Earth and if it is an alien. I told my brothers but they didn't believe me, so I told the flight attendants too but they didn't believe me either. I looked back out of the window but the monster had disappeared. I sat playing on my iPad but the monster appeared on that as well - that was strange.


  1. I really liked your 100 WC it was very good also how know one believed you and how the monster disappeared and reappeared.
    By Morgan

  2. Its a very funny story and at one point I wondered if you were going to do something and him just appearing in you I pad is scary, funny and freaky. Great story! Grace

  3. I like the bit when you kept telling people about the monster but no body believed Jemima