Sunday, 18 February 2018

Twigmen by Clara

Sprinting through the overgrowth, the creatures were coming. Slender bodies as fragile as twigs, who knows, maybe the creatures were twigs. Without a whisper, their silent midnight mission started... to eliminate the main source of all problems on Earth... humans. Creeping into houses was their speciality. The army had been hired by Mother Nature to rescue the planet from its gloomy future. The first victims were those who actively sought the destruction of the Earth: the frackers amongst others. They went to sleep that night and never woke up. By the time morning came, all of humanity had been obliterated.


  1. Hello Clara,

    Wow! What a powerful piece of writing, so compact and forceful. You've used words and phrases that contrast each other and create vivid images in the readers' minds. Nicely done!

    One of my students took an approach that is very different from yours, but also felt powerful to me. I'll suggest you she read your piece as a study in perspective. You might enjoy hers at:

    Keep up your writing!
    Tracey Ananmalay
    San José, CA, US
    Team 100WC

  2. Clara your 100WC challenge is AMAZING! I shared it with my grade 6 students today in BC, Canada. Your word choices were very powerful and a detailed picture exploded in my head. Ms. B.